Secrets to Social Media Celebrity Endorsements on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and others.*

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You can watch this sample video of an actual promoted post to see how viral and how fast you can get social media traction using a celebrity to endorse your company or product:

HOW Endorsement relates to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook

What Advertising CANNOT BUY, namely, CREDIBILITY. And now you HAVE IT!

How to instantly and dramatically increase your reach with your target customers:

In the example video at the top of this page, you will see how fast the likes and shares pile up. This is the power of having a celebrity in your corner.

This is a short study of one simple post with a relatively unknown company, and you can see the real likes and shares growing nicely hour by hour. This example has no paid media along with it whatsoever, it is all organic.

Direct marketers will be able to think of many ways to add to this snowball effect, and even if no paid media accompanies it, this kind of credibility cannot be bought by advertising.

Remember, if this is a paid endorsement then the relationship between the Celebrity and the Brand or Product must be disclosed. Some of the legal ramifications of this type of promotion can be found here.

For companies buying paid media, you can buy this many clicks, but you can't buy this many clicks with credibility attached to them. The organic sharing that inevitably happens helps to bring your overall click costs down. Even Google is known to take visitor behavior into account in their search algorithm when ranking sites organically, so with the right celebrity you get a perfect storm of many favorable things happening at once for your business.

In other words, a celebrity endorsement can completely change your game. Organic reach and dedicated fans are what celebrities have in abundance, and it is something that advertising can't buy - authority.

Bluntly, nobody believes your advertising, ever. They do believe what celebrities tell them.

People have always listened to and copied celebrities, and that hasn't changed for hundreds of years.


HOW Endorsement relates to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook

If you have an endorsement contract with a celebrity, it can be an all inclusive wraparound contract which specifies a certain number of posts on social media, or as simple as one Tweet that mentions your brand.


A. You can't, unless the celebrity is already your personal friend, in which case you probably wouldn't be on this page.

Grow up. Its the real world.

Being a celebrity is a business, which in many cases took a given celebrity most of their lifetime to develop their craft, build their personal "brand", and sometimes a quite considerable monetary investment. There are many risks on the celebrity's part as well, and potential liabilities including damage to their reputation and brand, and of course legal implications if there are any problems with the company or product.

This is the world we live in, you can't get something for nothing, and having the organic reach and credibility that you want to "borrow" does cost something, and is worth something.

So, please don't waste the time of celebrities or their gatekeepers. If you do, then it may destroy all your future chances of getting an endorsement deal done.

How much does endorsed social media cost?

This is highly variable because the organic reach of celebrities and the value to your brand can be quite different. To put it one way, as direct marketers, if you don't have an existing advertising budget, a sales funnel that is split-tested and optimized, a promoted Tweet won't save you. You have to know your conversion rates and be able to remarket potential customers, and above all, have servers that can accommodate the sudden influx of traffic.

The key is that when the post happens and the traffic comes, you have to know what to do with it to maximize your results. The great thing about a celebrity endorsement is that in most cases you can continue to use the likeness and the endorsement in your future advertising, which has lasting benefits for almost any business.

For more established brands, better access and credibility with your target demographic can make sales come easier. In fact, everything becomes easier, because real people are sharing and talking about your product!

This affects many aspects of your business, not just sales.[CLICK HERE NOW TO GET STARTED]



Credibility and "Why should I believe you" is something that all marketing and advertising departments struggle to overcome. The right celebrity helps you do this and in many cases, quite quickly.


The right Celebrity Match

People commonly come to us with a specific "big name" celebrity in mind which doesn't match the brands demographics, would be prohibitively expensive, and might not ROI. Yes, we can still get those guys. But we understand what it means to direct marketers and startups as well as established brands under pressure to perform, and we use our technology and our contacts to find a celebrity that will be the best match and give the best return on investment.[CLICK HERE NOW TO GET STARTED]

Guidelines and our opinions about Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Blog posts and other channels.


Below are a few specific guidelines for some of the various social media channels:

Twitter- Even though "promoted Tweets" or "endorsed Tweets" are kind of a buzzword, Twitter is one of the last channels we like to go to because user engagement at Twitter is not quite up to the level of Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media. In addition many interactions are "automatic", some estimates are up to 30 percent or more. In our opinion Twitter works best when done alongside other social media, but if we are under the gun to try to get real ROI for brands, we tend to go to other places first. This is not to say that you can't get lots of engagement and thousands of visitors in minutes with the right celebrity, its just not generally our first choice.

Facebook- Because Facebook has such a large user base, and Facebook users love to follow their favorite celebrity pages, it is one of our favorites for brands. In addition, the many options for targeted advertising alongside the organic can give endorsements a great boost, and the ability for follow up and remarketing is that much better.

Instagram- Because Facebook owns Instagram and tends to push it inside of their own platform, endorsed Instagram posts also tend to work very well.

Pinterest- Pinterest has evolved from a meme type platform into a place where some great demographics can be accessed. Pinterest users tend to be very loyal to their favorite celebrities there, so endorsed Pins tend to work very well especially for physical products.

YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook Video platforms - While these platforms do not have the engagement level of the other platforms, they do have a bit of a social media element to them and the videos are shared very easily especially among Facebook users. If you have a short video, consider putting it on both Facebook and YouTube. YouTube has more than 1 billion users, so the combination of YouTube and Facebook for your video is huge.

Not all endorsements work for video and sometimes the results from videos are hard to accurately quantify for direct marketers. But the impact can be truly huge. One thing that brands tend to forget is that both Facebook and YouTube offer some great ancillary advertising products. In the case of YouTube, being able to save the people who viewed your video as their own remarketing list, to re-engage with consumers and draw them to the next video and down your advertising funnel. This helps maximize the impact and the ROI of your endorsement.

Blog posts - Since these generally come from the celebrities website can do very well. Just be prepared for the sudden influx of traffic and make sure your marketing team is ready to capitalize on it.


There is no one social media platform that is the "best", but for each advertiser and endorsement deal there is an ideal combination in terms of ROI and plan of attack that should be done first.

Your next step is simple, fill out the form below or initiate a chat with our team, and we will start you on the road to a profitable celebrity endorsement today!


Celebrity Endorsed Social Media

Who is this for?

A Bit About Celebrity:

Let's face it- having someone else say how good you or your product is has been helping businesses as far back as the dawn of marketing and advertising.

In today's Social Media world this has become even more important as celebrities (sometimes only famous for their antics) have huge followings and influence buying decisions big time.

Think about it, what do you think would happen if one of the Kardashians  posted a picture on Instagram that they were reading the romance novel that YOU wrote?  I know those girls probably don't read, but I want you to get the idea of what happens when the right celebrity says something about you or your product.

Utilizing celebrity support will make you stand out in a new or crowded market.

If you are new, then no one knows you exist.  You can launch a new product very quickly and take months or even years out of your adoption cycle with the right celebrity support.

If you are in a crowded market, you need to find something that will make you stand out and identify you as different from your competitors.

You don't want price or quality to be your only differentiating factor as your competitors can easily counter this with better pricing or higher quality themselves.  You want to have something that no one else has.  You guessed it.  A celebrity.

Having a celebrity will give you a unique advantage that your competitors won't.

Celebrity has changed.  Each industry has its own rock stars.  What would happen if you could have your picture taken with one of the rock stars of your industry?  Better yet, what if you could have a video interview with them?

Some of you might be thinking, I have credibility already. My press releases show up in major news outlets and I have a YouTube channel.   Truth is, you can increase your credibility with press and you should be doing that, but the quickest way to get you and your product in the spotlight is having celebrity support.  So the question is, have those press releases or YouTube videos brought in a substantial amount of business?  In most cases the answer is no.  The right celebrity support gets you an immediate flood of traffic and customers.

Do you see how this can be the Holy Grail to kick start or grow your business?

  • Celebrity Involvement

    Should be part of any smart marketing campaign.

How to Utilize Your Celebrity Connections:

  • For Authors, An Intro to Your Book
  • For Physical Products, a picture taken using your product (and posted on social media)
  • For Services, a personal appearance at one of your industry meetings or a visit to your trade show booth
  • For Local Business, an in store visit (with pictures, press, etc.)
  • For Speakers, leverage your celebrity connection to get better engagements
  • For Sales Teams, leverage your celebrity connection to close more deals
  • For Businesses looking for investment capital, celebrity involvement increases your probability of raising funds.

3 Myths About Working With Celebrities Shattered.

Not knowing these facts could cost you dearly.

  • Myth #1: It's Expensive

    There are different types and different levels of celebrities.

    Having the right match and relationship is the difference between wholesale or retail. Same product-different price.

    Let our team find you the right “Match.”

  • Myth #2: We'll Never Get Who We Want.

    Actually, this is a relationship game so it’s highly likely you can get whom you want as long as you have the right connections.  Sometimes who you want is a wrong fit for your market.

    Let Celebrity Match find the right person for you.

  • Myth #3: This Doesn't Really Work Unless You're a Huge Brand

    Actually, nothing could be more false.  The right recognizable celebrity for your niche brings about instant credibility that lasts for years to come.

    Check out our case studies that show that.