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White Label Celebrity Endorsements



We have a true white label service that matches your client with a profitable celebrity endorsement.



If you can get a celebrity to appear at your clients event or party, use their likeness in advertising or otherwise endorse your clients brand, or post on their social media, you are a HERO in your clients eyes, and this translates to profits and client loyalty for you.

Most agencies are trying to get traffic and leads to their clients via SEO, PPC, Media Buying, Viral or Content marketing, but a celebrity endorsement can dramatically make ALL these activities easier.

With any promotion you are doing, whether it is paid or not, the question in the mind of the person you are marketing to is "Are you credible?" "Should I believe this advertising? And bluntly, the truth is, well, NO.

It is our job in agencies to get people to believe, get people to click. A celebrity and their credibility makes all this dramatically easier, for both you and your client. And if you are the one that has hooked up the deal, now you are that hero. We will even help you close the client if you want!

WITH a celebrity endorsement some magic happens:

  • Your client gets instant credibility
  • Click through rates rise
  • Conversion rates rise
  • Sales rise
  • Potential investors show up

This happens because you are "borrowing" the credibility from the celebrity. What would the George Foreman Grill be without George? Just another grill right? You can by them by the hundreds of thousands from factories everywhere. But why has it sold over a hundred million dollars where other grills stay on the shelves? Credibility.

This is also true of you as an agency. If you are the person with "celebrity connections" and another agency is not, how much easier will it be for YOU to sell compared to your competitors? How much more loyal will your clients be when its rebill time?


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How the Celebrity Endorsement Business Works

Most people and agencies have heard of the big endorsement deals which are often frontpage news. Tiger Woods losing sponsors, big Nike endorsements for basketball athletes, A list celebrity Tweets and Instagram, but the industry is much bigger than that.

Look, up until now most of the sponsorships were the domain of the big brands, and if they didn't ROI, they wouldn't keep doing them year after year. Big brands make untold millions more than they ordinarily would have. But just as there is a whole range of companies there are a whole range of celebrities that may be a great fit for that company. Because of the explosion of big data and advertising technology we are able to match celebrities to brands much better than ever before, and to use all the "tools of the trade" to maximize the impact of a celebrity endorsement.


Well, bluntly, most of the agents and gatekeepers just won't take your calls, and if they do, you will not get any kind of preferential treatment or rates. They don't know you, they are very busy, and this translates to you not being able to get the deal done at all, or even worse, approaching the gatekeepers in the wrong way which kills the potential of any future deals.

Because we have been in the business for so long, have been careful to match the right celebrities to the right endorsement, with a high percentage of the deals actually closing, magically people take our calls, where they won't take yours. When we call, we are in the "money coming in" category with them, not the "potential time wasters" category.

Yes its true, it probably wouldn't make sense to try to hire Brad Pitt for a local plumbing company, but there are many celebrities and influencers for that company that would make sense, who do have schedules free, that would be more than happy to do an appearance or endorsement, and would be an excellent return on investment.

We like to work with Agencies because most of them know their clients businesses pretty well, and have all the information we need to be able to match up the deal. You can even run your entire client roster by us in a general way and we can find matches behind the scenes, and you only go to to the client if there is a pretty strong potential match. We will get you much better rates than you could on your own, and you can mark it up or not to the client as you see fit. We can even do the endorsement deal through your agency, so that the client doesn't cut you out of the loop. This gives them an extremely good reason to stay with you.