American Female Tennis Players Celebrities List

Making an Impact for You and Your Brand.

"It's truly vital to our customer base. Not only does that celebrity bring new value, excitement, or humor but they bring an energy and memorability that you don't get sometimes with non-celebrity advertising." -Mark Rooks, Pepsi's senior marketing manager of multicultural marketing
"Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another." – George Eliot

American Female Tennis Players List

Note: Not all brands are suitable for an endorsement deal with the people mentioned below, and in many cases it might not be cost effective, or they could have other conflicting endorsements with other brands. This list is offered on a non-warrantied basis just to get you starting to think about potential celebrity endorsement matches.

Jan Abaza

Katrina Adams

Kristie Haerim Ahn

Ayla Aksu

Lauren Albanese

Gabrielle Andrews

Nicole Arendt

Julia Cohen

Danielle Collins

Kimberly Couts

Samantha Crawford

Jamie Hampton

Ashley Harkleroad

Emily Harman

Julie Heldman

Lauren Herring

Patti Hogan

Terry Holladay

Liezel Huber

Hilary Barte

CiCi Bellis

Camille Benjamin

Bea Bielik

Tornado Alicia Black

Renee Blount

Lisa Bonder

Kristy Borza

Julia Boserup

Allison Bradshaw

Jennifer Brady

Madison Brengle

Gail Brodsky

Melissa Brown

Jacqueline Cako

Beatrice Capra

Rosie Casals

Louisa Chirico

Kaitlyn Christian

Mary-Lou Daniels

Erika de Lone

Stephanie DeFina

Jennifer Elie

Lauren Embree

Donna Faber

Irina Falconi

Lele Forood

Nicole Gibbs

Alexa Glatch

Ester Goldfeld

Kate Gompert

Chelsey Gullickson

Whitney Jones

Barbara Jordan

Sofia Kenin

Madison Keys

Allie Kiick

Alexis King

Vania King

Ann Kiyomura

Raquel Kops-Jones

Danielle Lao

Kate Latham

Lindsay Lee-Waters

Marion Leighton

Varvara Lepchenko

Trey Lewis (tennis)

Lena Litvak

Amber Liu (tennis)

Claire Liu

Jamie Loeb

Peanut Louie Harper

Heather Ludloff

Tetiana Luzhanska

Cammy MacGregor

Adeline McKinlay

Gretchen Magers

Sanaz Marand

Susan Mascarin

Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Kathy May

Meredith McGrath

Christina McHale

Lori McNeil

Nicole Melichar

Anne Miller (tennis)

Viktoria Milvidskaia Belinsky

Grace Min

Corina Morariu

Alycia Moulton

Megan Moulton-Levy

Alexandra Mueller

Asia Muhammad

Courtney Nagle

Betsy Nagelsen

Martina Navratilova

Ingrid Neel

Vicki Nelson-Dunbar

Janet Newberry

Lilia Osterloh

Melanie Oudin

Edith Parker

Bernarda Pera

Shenay Perry

Terry Phelps

Mary Pierce

Natalie Pluskota

Kimberly Po

Laxmi Poruri

Sunitha Rao

Elizabeth Rastall

Lisa Raymond

Samantha Reeves

Stephanie Rehe

Ronni Reis

Louise Riddell Williams

Kathy Rinaldi

Brie Rippner

Patsy Rippy

Alison Riske

Shelby Rogers

Ahsha Rolle

Chanda Rubin

Jennifer Russell

Maria Sanchez

Sabrina Santamaria

Kristen Schlukebir

Yasmin Schnack

Chiara Scholl

Monica Seles

Meghann Shaughnessy

Susan Sloane

Tara Snyder

Abigail Spears

Shaun Stafford

Sloane Stephens

Robin Stephenson

Alexandra Stevenson

Katerina Stewart

Anna Tatishvili

Sarah Taylor (tennis)

Leigh-Anne Thompson

Michelle Torres

Taylor Townsend (tennis)

Jackie Trail

Meilen Tu

Story Tweedie-Yates

Molly Van Nostrand

Coco Vandeweghe

Yvonne Vermaak

Sachia Vickery

Mashona Washington

Jolene Watanabe

Ashley Weinhold

Marianne Werdel

Anne White

Robin White (tennis)

Wendy White (tennis)

Tami Whitlinger

Linda Wild

Allie Will

Williams sisters

Serena Williams

Venus Williams

Keri Wong

Anne Yelsey

Riza Zalameda

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