Why Consider a B-List Celeb


Just because your company has a modest budget, doesn’t mean that you can’t hire a celebrity to endorse your brand and reap the benefits of a celebrity spokesperson.  In some cases, going with a B-List celeb might just be the ticket. 


A B-List celebrity is not going to cost anywhere near as much as A-List celebrity Kim Kardashian.  The reality is that unless you are a Fortune 500 company, your marketing budget is probably going to be better spent on securing a celebrity endorsement from someone that isn’t going to blow your entire annual budget on a single Tweet. 

You could consider a significantly less costly A-Lister, but you might want to consider a B-Lister for what they can bring to the table.


Part of the reason that celebrity endorsements work in the first place is because they represent some degree of familiarity to us.  They are the faces that we see regularly and are part of the periphery of our lives.

With a B-List celebrity, the height of their career might have come and gone, but chances are, they still evoke a sense of nostalgia, especially if they played some well-loved character on a popular TV series.  These guys somehow become part of who we are.

Your Brand Doesn’t Become the Background

When using a celebrity endorsement there is always the chance that the celebrity will become more interesting than the brand or product itself.  Take Johnny Depp’s Dior ad, you can’t get much more popular than Johnny  Depp and even I watched that commercial with intense interest.  It didn’t make me want to run out and buy some Dior, but it did perpetuate the myth that is Johnny Depp. 

Having a B-List celebrity as part of your marketing campaign keeps the attention and the focus on the brand and not on the mystique of a celebrity.  There are times when having the most celebrity power that money can buy actually overshadows the message you are trying to deliver and doesn’t gain the attention for the brand that is expected.

More User Friendly

An A-List celebrity is going to come replete with his or her own entourage, and the bigger the celebrity the more entourage that will be in tow.  Don’t begrudge the A-Lister for the entourage, after all, as celebrity rises the less time and personal freedom a celebrity has.  This requires attorneys, security, stylists and personal assistants.  They’ve earned it.

However, this doesn’t make working with an A-Lister exactly convenient.  These people all need to be accounted for in some manner and taken into consideration when the an A-Lister is hired for the job. 

The process can be streamlined by hiring a B-Lister that isn’t going to have the same amount of personnel in tow.  They might have an assistant, but they aren’t likely to have a security detail, stylists and attorneys in tow. 

A B-Lister is also not likely to be quite as demanding when it comes to their needs when making an appearance, doing a photoshoot, or filming a commercial. 

The atmosphere is probably going to be a little more casual and laid back and perhaps even more personal than with a heavy hitter, current A-Lister.


A B-Lister might be able to deliver a degree of authenticity and credibility that an A-Lister might not be able to deliver.  Sure the A-Lister is an instant attention grabber, but does the public at large really believe that they use the product they are advertising? 

A B-Lister might be a little more authentic and real to the consumer and therefor buy you the credibility and authenticity that makes a celebrity valuable to a brand.  People might be more willing to believe the actor that has been mostly absent from our local movie and TV screens and feel like they might have slipped back into a more “normal” life than they had when they were gracing the headlines and showing up in our houses every Wednesday night.


Truth is, A-Listers are busy.  They wouldn’t be A-Listers if they weren’t out there hustling and getting work on a regular basis.  If they would consider doing an endorsement, it is likely going to be on their time frame and schedule and not yours.

With a B-Listr, it is more likely that your time frame and their schedule are going to be more compatible.  This allows for a much more relaxed experience for all concerned and will probably result in a better relationship between the brand and the celebrity as he or she is not under pressure to get in, get the job done and get out. 

There are a variety of reasons why you might consider a B-List celeb for your next celebrity brand representative.  For assistance in getting the right celebrity for your brand, contact CelebrityCred.com at 1(888)359-4521 or visit CelebrityCred.com.

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