Female Film Actresses Celebrities List

Making an Impact for You and Your Brand.

"It's truly vital to our customer base. Not only does that celebrity bring new value, excitement, or humor but they bring an energy and memorability that you don't get sometimes with non-celebrity advertising." -Mark Rooks, Pepsi's senior marketing manager of multicultural marketing
"Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another." – George Eliot

TV Celebrity Chefs List List

Note: not all brands are suitable for an endorsement deal with the people mentioned below, and in many cases it might not be cost effective, or they could have other conflicting endorsements with other brands. This list is offered on a non warrantied basis just to get you starting to think about potential celebrity endorsement matches.

Devin Alexander

Joey Altman

Sunny Anderson

Lidia Bastianich

Mario Batali

Rick Bayless

John Besh

Mark Bittman

Anthony Bourdain

Sean Brock

Alton Brown

Anne Burrell

Adrianne Calvo

Sheila Chadwick

David Chang

Leah Chase

Michael Chiarello

Scott Conant

Cat Cora

Chris Cosentino

Madison Cowan

Juan-Carlos Cruz

Melissa d'Arabian

Jill Davie

Eliana de Las Casas

Giada De Laurentiis

Paula Deen

Marcel Desaulniers

Nikki Dinki

Rocco DiSpirito

Ree Drummond

Wylie Dufresne

George Duran

Todd English

Mary Ann Esposito

Elizabeth Falkner

Anya Fernald

Guy Fieri

Amy Finley

Susie Fishbein

Tyler Florence

Zonya Foco

John Folse

Nancy Fuller

Gale Gand

Ina Garten

Jamie Geller

Adam Gertler

Duff Goldman

Andrew Gruel

Alex Guarnaschelli

David Guas

Christine Ha

Jaden Hair

Ingrid Hoffmann

Tanya Holland

Michael Hutchings (chef)

Robert Irvine

Judy Joo

Gavin Kaysen

Gina Keatley

Graham Kerr

Candice Kumai

Emeril Lagasse

Sandra Lee (chef)

Aliya LeeKong

Glenn Lindgren

Dave Lieberman

Anita Lo

Nathan Lyon (chef)

Beau MacMillan

Daisy Martinez

Daisy Martinez

Aaron McCargo, Jr.

Lenny McNab

Robin Miller (chef)

Whitney Miller

Mary Sue Milliken

Myron Mixon

Sara Moulton

Marc Murphy (chef)

Pat Neely

Kelsey Nixon

Morou Ouattara

Ralph Pagano

Produce Pete

Damaris Phillips

John Pisto

Wolfgang Puck

Stephan Pyles

Steven Raichlen

Ray Lampe

Rachael Ray

David Rosengarten

Jeffrey Saad

Aarón Sanchez

Chris Santos

Benjamin Sargent

John Shields (chef)

B. Smith

Greggy Soriano

Nick Stellino

Tuffy Stone

Michael Symon

James Tahhan

Christina Tosi

Johnny Trigg

Ming Tsai

Tom Valenti

Marcela Valladolid

Justin Warner

Geoffrey Zakarian

Sam Zien

Andrew Zimmern

Top Reasons You Need to Have a Celebrity Working with You!

  • Looking for investment dollars? Celebrity involvement in your business increases your probability of raising funds.

  • Want to help your book become a best seller? Have the right celebrity write the intro to your book.

  • Looking to impress prospects at a trade show? Hire a celebrity to be at your booth and watch the prospects line up.

  • Want to increase online sales of your consumer product? Have a celebrity take a picture with your product. Better yet, have them post to their huge following online!

  • Want more visitors to your store? Hire a celebrity to do an in store visit.

  • Want to add value to your event or mastermind? Hire a celebrity to speak to your group.

  • Want to give your sales team some ammunition? Use your celebrity connection to set yourself apart from your competitors.

  • The possibilities are endless. Leverage your celebrity pictures or video to get speaking engagements, press attention, increased sales, etc.